Track and Field - East German Textbook of Athletics

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416 pages, soft cover
ISBN 0-920905-38-2

Track and Field: The East German Textbook of Athletics

Former East Germany's bible of track and field training. Many prominent East German coaches and scientists worked as co-authors, contributing their wealth of coaching experience and scientific knowledge. The book gives good broad insight into modern, scientifically-based training and skill development in all track and field events. It presents facts, relationships, and laws of the theory and methodology of sports training. The background training methods, their completeness, and the excellent techniques are very enlightening. It is a must for every P.E. teacher, serious coach, and athlete.


  1. The Significance of Track and Field Events for Physical Culture
  2. Basic Elements of Track and Field Training
  3. On the Unity of Instruction and Education in the Training Process
  4. The Pedagogic Principles of Track and Field Training
  5. The Basic Physical Properties of Strength, Speed, and Endurance and their Physical Foundation
  6. The Methods of Sports Training
  7. Methods of Political and Moral Education
  8. The Methods of Education
  9. Technical Training
  10. Training Tactics
  11. System of Exercises in Training Track and Field Athletes
  12. Systematization of the Training Process
  13. Periodization of Training
  14. Planning and Evaluation of Training
  15. Content and Structure of the Training Session
  16. Walking and Running
    1. Fundamental mechanics
    2. Technique
    3. Phases in a cycle of movement
    4. Special preparatory exercises
    5. Short-, middle-, and long-distance running
    6. Hurdle races
    7. Relays
  17. The jumps
    1. Long jump
    2. Triple jump
    3. High jump
    4. Pole vault
  18. The Throwing Events
    1. The shot put
    2. The discus throw
    3. The javelin throw
    4. The hammer throw
  19. Combined Events
    1. General principles
    2. Decathlon
    3. Heptathlon for women
  20. Reading List

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