Marathon Runner's Handbook

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Preparing for a marathon? Marathon Runners Handbook has everything youll need to lead you to race day with confidence. This all-in-one resource is like a checklist of information for the distance runner. Youll learn how to

choose and customize the proper shoes and clothing for greater comfort while you run;
get your muscles in top running shape with proper strength and stretching exercises;
prevent, diagnose, and treat running injuries;
use pacing tables and shorter race targets to gauge your progress; and
fuel your body properly for optimum training and race-day performance.

The clear, in-depth information and photos in this book make it easy to understand just what you need to do. Full-color photos and illustrations show recommended stretches and strength exercises; youll also learn how to recognize and care for injuries. Its all here: From detailed advice on shoe shapes, lasts, and lacing to explicit training programs for the 10K, half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon, this book gives you the essential information for running safely, comfortably, and swiftly.

Whether youre getting ready to run your first marathon or you want to set a new personal record, this book provides the practical guidance and inspiration you need. Let Marathon Runners Handbook take you all the way to the finish!

About the Author

Bruce Fordyce is one of the greatest ultramarathon runners of all time. He has raced in major marathon and ultramarathon races around the world, and he has set numerous records that remain unbeaten to this day. Fordyce won the South African Comrades Marathon a record nine times, including eight consecutive years from 1981 to 1988. A sports columnist for various newspapers and magazines and the author of two books on the Comrades Marathon, Fordyce frequently serves as a motivational speaker. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of the South African Sports Trust.

Marille Renssen is a travel and lifestyle writer and a runner specializing in half marathons. She coauthored Eyewitness Travel Guide to South Africa with Michael Brett and Brain Johnson-Barker.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 How to Become a Serious Runner
Chapter 3 Running Gear
Chapter 4 Getting Started
Chapter 5 Your First 10K Race
Chapter 6 Nutrition and Diet
Chapter 7 Injuries
Chapter 8 From Half to Ultramarathon
Chapter 9 Memorable Distance Runners
Chapter 10 Great World Marathons

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