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Improve your technique instruction and add to your training drills for better performance. This DVD shows you how! Expert track and field coaches cover each event category with teaching points and training tips you’ll use immediately in practices and for many seasons to come.

In the Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays section, you’ll hit the track with James Williams, who demonstrates and explains explosive starts out of the blocks, superb technique in the hurdles, and smooth and sure baton passing in the relays. Learn how to

  • set the blocks for the fastest possible starts;

  • develop proper sprint mechanics;

  • make hurdle mechanics second nature; and

  • improve rhythm, timing, and coordination between relay teammates.

Williams describes how to prepare for competition and shares his secrets for producing winning performances on race days.

The Middle and Long Distances section brings you Mike Poehlein, who presents his training techniques for 800m, 1500m, 3K, 5K, and 10K races. Learn which drills and exercises he uses to get his athletes in top racing condition, and get new insights for winning race tactics and strategies. Highlights include

  • three drills to achieve the most efficient, race-specific running form;

  • eight types of training runs and the phase of training in which they should be used; and

  • five speed conditioning exercises.

The Jumps section covers the four track and field jumping events. Charles Craig shows you how to produce maximum power and optimal trajectory to attain the greatest distance in the long and triple jumps. Craig also teaches techniques for helping athletes achieve their ultimate height in the high jump. Randy Miller then shows how athletes can improve their pole vaulting techniques to become proficient in all phases of the jump. These two coaches give you proven drills and exercises for

  • improving the essential elements of the long jump;

  • developing balance, coordination, and power in the triple jump;

  • perfecting the approach, take-off, and flight phases of the high jump; and

  • mastering all elements of the pole vault-plant, take-off, swing, turn, and bar clearance.

Incorporate them into your practices to develop the excellent form, strength, speed, and confidence jumpers need to perform winning jumps.

Finally, in the Throws section, Randy Heisler demonstrates how athletes can get the greatest distance on each attempt. He provides training exercises and practice sessions to improve strength and power, technique, and performance for the four throwing events-shot, discus, javelin, and hammer. Heisler’s drills will help athletes develop

  • sound technique with speed for the shot put;

  • effective footwork, spin mechanics, and other essential skills for the discus;

  • proper grip, body alignment, runway strides, and launch for the javelin; and

  • controlled rhythmic movements that synchronize turns of the body with swings of the hammer’s head for the hammer throw.

This information-rich DVD is essential for track and field coaches who need to be well-versed in all events. The detailed demonstration of correct technique in each event also makes it an excellent educational tool for athletes.

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