101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games

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Until now, warming up and cooling down have been seen as drudgery—a boring start to a game or class. But not anymore.

101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games provides the antidote to the age-old warm-up and cool-down routines of jogging and stretching. When students take part in these games, they will be fully engaged, having fun, and effectively preparing their minds and bodies for the game or activity that lies ahead.

This innovative book provides complete information for implementing 101 core games:
• The theory behind warm-ups and cool-downs (why they’re important and what they should consist of)
• 41 fun games that can be used in a variety of situations
• 60 sport-specific games in 7 sports (badminton, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and volleyball)
• 113 variations of the core games to help leaders shape the activities to their group’s needs
• An easy-to-follow format with illustrations for the more complicated games to ensure proper setup and understanding of the game
• A game finder to help leaders easily locate games and determine which are suited to their needs

The game descriptions include group size, age, and skill level, making it easy to find the game that’s just right for your group. They also can be used as stand-alone activities that promote fitness and fun. And the sport-specific games help kids warm up while working with the ball or equipment that they’ll use in their games.

The variety of games, the sport-specific applications, the adaptability to different groups, and the multiple uses of the games make this book a valuable resource for any leader working with students or athletes. The illustrations and easy-to-use format make it straightforward and reader-friendly. These games are so engaging that students and athletes will hardly know they’re warming up or cooling down. Come game time, they’ll be charged up and ready to go. And after the game, they won’t mind cooling down.

About the Author

John Byl, PhD, is a professor of physical education at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario. Dr. Byl has taught physical education and coached for more than 25 years, and he has authored several books related to games and physical activity. He is president of CIRA Ontario and is the chair of Ontario’s Active Living Challenge.
Dr. Byl loves cycling and playing squash and golf. He also enjoys playing games with his family, especially his first grandson, Zachary.

Table of Contents

Game Finder
Introduction. Theory of Warm-Ups, Cool-Downs, and Stretching

Part I. General Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games
Chapter 1.
Quick Movement Games
1 High Fives
2 Quick Zoo
3 Front of the Class
4 Follow the Leader
5 Popcorn
6 Running the Rails
7 Swamp Monster
8 Space Walk

Chapter 2. Tag
9 Continuous Scooter Tag
10 Dog’s Tail
11 Pursuit Tag
12 Continuous British Bulldog
13 Flusher
14 Ball Safe
15 Knee Tag
16 Island Tag
17 Everyone It Frozen Tag
18 Balance Tag

Chapter 3. Relays
19 Circle Relay
20 Cumulative Relay
21 Blindfolded Obstacle Relay
22 Shuffle Run
23 Custodian Relay
24 Arch and Roll Relay
25 Exercise Relay

Chapter 4. Races
26 Heel-to-Toe Race
27 Over and Under
28 Everybody Over and Under
29 Caterpillar Race
30 Butt Crawl
31 Octopus
32 Snakeskin
33 Over, Under, Around
34 Hole in One
35 Rat Race
36 Swamp Pass
37 Leapfrog
38 Le Mans 24-Lap Tandem Race

Chapter 5. Parachute Games
39 Team Run
40 Under Frog
41 High Rollers

Part II. Sport-Specific Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games
Chapter 6.
42 Bird Juggle
43 Thread the Button
44 Clear, Drop
45 Long Cross and Drop
46 Next-in-Line Badminton
47 Five-Player Continuous Rally
48 Upset
49 Cooperative Net Game
50 Cat in the Middle
51 Driving
52 Short and Long Game
53 Played by the Book
54 Narrow Clear, Smash, Drop

Chapter 7. Baseball
55 Jog Toss
56 Short Relay
57 Pop-Up One Bounce
58 Hot Potato Baseball
59 Two-a-Side Fantasy Baseball
60 Hot Box
61 Relay, Relay
62 Right-Left Consecutive Bunt Pepper

Chapter 8. Basketball
63 Throw to a Wall Relay
64 Pass Around
65 Star Pass
66 Dribble Tag
67 Shoot for the Stars
68 Rebounding Trios
69 Professional Bump
70 Take-a-Break Keep-Away

Chapter 9. Football
71 Hot Football
72 Wild Flags
73 Round the Corners Snap
74 Completed Passes
75 Ultimate Football

Chapter 10. Hockey
76 Obstacle Course for Hockey
77 Hockey Soccer
78 Puck Handle Score!
79 3-on-2 Keep-Away
80 Two-Line Pass
81 Double-Up

Chapter 11. Soccer
82 Crazy Eights
83 Pit Ball Terror
84 Throw-In Ball
85 Split Triangle Run
86 Double Cone Ball
87 One-Goal Soccer
88 Dribble Goal Line
89 Grid Pass
90 2-4 Keep-Away
91 Jugglers
92 Soccer Wallball
93 Soccer Volleyball

Chapter 12. Volleyball
94 Shower Volleyball
95 Balloon Volleyball
96 Volleyball Relay
97 Setting Threes
98 Frozen Tag
99 Five-Pass Volleyball
100 Short Volleyball
101 Continuous Pass

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Audiences: Resource for K-12 physical educators, recreation leaders, fitness instructors, and coaches. 

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